I love to teach photography in individual and group settings. Whether I am teaching people how to capture amazing pictures on a Holland America Cruise or working with ‘at risk’ children to tap into their creativity, I am always looking for new ways to interact with people who want to expand their knowledge of their cameras and capturing artistic photographs. Several of the individuals I have mentored individually and in group workshops now sell their own work and have gone on to win local, state and national awards.

Animal Photography Class with Kathy Admire Photography

Group Photography Classes with Kathy Admire Photography

Private Photography Classes with Kathy Admire Photography

Trinda Love

Kathy Admire is a gifted photographer who can translate what she knows about making stunning, award-winning photographs into terms that even beginners can understand, regardless of their learning styles. I don’t think Kathy has ever met a person she isn’t eager to get to know and figure out how to help them learn the technical aspects of their cameras and express their own unique creative eye

Trinda Love, Artist/Photographer​

Adult Photography Classes with Kathy Admire Photography

Adult Photography Classes with Kathy Admire Photography

Sonja Farrell​​

Kathy has worked with my disabled children on their photography for two years. This year they won 5 firsts and a second in the Evergreen State Fair Photography Competition. Everyone is absolutely thrilled. Her work with them has been life changing.

Sonja Farrell​​

For more information, please contact me by phone (425-260-8812) or email (kathy@kathyadmire.com).